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The first step is reaching out to us by phone or online so we can schedule you in for a free no obligation estimate. Once a time is booked for us to come out, we can go over your project in greater detail and answer any questions you may have or make suggestions based on prior experience. We take the time to talk about what products are best suited for the job and what options you have.

During the estimate we’ll also have the opportunity to go over different color swatches and talk about interior design. We can also have a color sampling box made up for you if you’re having trouble visualizing a certain color (at no extra cost).

Upon acceptance of the estimate we can set a date to begin work. The first thing we do is make sure your house is protected by laying down canvas floor cloth and tarping off valuables, we make sure your home is well protected and are extremely proactive about preventive measures.

Then we begin work in a timely and professional manner, making sure to do the job to the best of our ability.

Once we are complete we do a final inspection with you to ensure that you are completely satisfied with our work.

Before we leave we do a thorough cleaning to make sure that your home is spotless, you won’t even know we were there (except for the awesome paint job!).

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  • Calgary kitchen cabinet refinishing

    Calgary's #1 kitchen cabinet painters

    DecoPainters is Calgary's best choice for kitchen cabinet refinishing because we strive for perfection in everything we do. When it comes to refinishing cabinets, trust the professionals to do it right the first time!

    Kitchen cabinets have to be beautifully painted with a coating that’s extremely durable; that's why all our cabinet doors are sprayed off-site with either pre-cat lacquer or conversion varnish. These two products are the best for coating woodwork because they spray-on extremely smooth and are very durable.

    Our professional paint booth: All our cabinet doors are sprayed off-site in our paint booth, allowing us to control dust, temperature and humidity.

    We offer low VOC options for interior painting: While solvent-based finishes are superior for cabinets, some time's it's not feasible to use them inside your home. For on-site spraying, we offer a wide selection of low VOC high-performance coatings specifically designed for cabinets.

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    Calgary interior painting

    We are a full service interior painting company that specializes in high quality. We offer painting services for interior walls, cabinets, wood staining, baseboard, ceilings, concrete and anything else to do with interior painting.

    Calgary garage door painting

    Our van is fully equipped for spraying garage doors quickly and cost effectively. Our mobile spraying unit sits directly inside our van along with a high power pressure washer and air compressor. We can pull up and have your garage door prepped and painted without having to unpack anything.

    Calgary fence and deck painting

    Our fence and deck painting involves applying paint stripper (when applicable), to remove peeling paint or stain. Next, we let the wood dry and apply two coats of your desired paint or stain.

    Calgary low VOC painting

    We can paint anything inside your home using low VOC products that have no harsh chemicals or smells.

    Calgary lacquer spraying

    We provide interior lacquer spraying services for baseboards, railings, cabinets and fine woodwork.

    Calgary exterior residential painting

    We can paint anything outside your home with quality products that were designed to hold up to the most extreme weather conditions. Some common things we paint are; exterior trim around windows, soffits, siding, stucco, ledges, sidewalks and anything else around your home.

    Calgary painting questions

    Common questions we get asked about residential painting

    Q.What’s the best type of paint for interior walls? A. We recommend painting interior walls with a good quality washable paint. Eggshell is the most common choice because it has a low sheen that’s pleasing to the eye, yet washable.

    Q.What is the process of painting new drywall? A. First we apply a coat of primer to seal the walls then let dry. Next, we sand out all the paper fibers to make the walls smooth and apply two coats of interior paint. .

    Q.Should I have my baseboards painted before or after putting in new carpets? A. If you are having your baseboards sprayed, it can actually save time and money to have them painted once the carpets are removed.

    Q.Does sun exposure shorten paint life? A. Yes, direct sunlight will shorten the life of any paint. When painting areas that are exposed to direct sunlight it’s a good idea to use lighter colors and a high quality product.

    Q.What is the most popular color for interior walls? A. Grey is the most commonly requested color for interior walls.

    Q.How do you block stubborn stains that keep bleeding through? A. For really stubborn stains we use a shellac based primer such as zinsser B-I-N.