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Calgary lacquer spraying

Lacquer is a thin coating that sprays smooth, drys quickly, and cures hard. Lacquer has a long history and has been used since ancient times; however, the lacquer of today is much different than the original stuff.

What classifies a coating as being lacquer is debatable. In the past, the definition of lacquer was; a smooth, hard coating made up of synthetic polymers that is cured by organic solvent evaporation. Today, this definition is no longer true because you will find that many manufacturers have come out with water based and catalyzed lacquer. It’s arguable that “real” lacquer has to (at a minimum) contain a certain amount of organic solvents. This is because lacquer is supposed to be a “hot solvent,” and have the ability to melt together as you spray new over old.

Whether someones talking about water-based lacquer, nitrocellulose lacquer or pre catalyzed lacquer; they all have one thing in common. They are all thin coatings that dry extremely fast, spray smooth, and cure hard.

We have experience spraying all types of lacquer, and do our best to find a product that’s best suited for our customers. For most residential projects we recommend a water based or eco lacquer because they’re not as flammable, and have less odor. But if you’re planning on being away for a few days, you might prefer oil based lacquer.

Whatever your preference, we have you covered. To learn more about our lacquer spraying services feel free to contact us anytime.